Two-piece ball dress: up-cycled midi skirt & cropped top.

The day after my last dentistry rural placement was our Graduation Ball. I wanted to sew my own dress for the ball which meant I had to complete it weeks before (rather than days before like my last gown :P) as I wouldn’t have my sewing machine in rural SA.

I knew I wanted a two-piece outfit with a midi skirt. After looking on Pinterest for inspiration I came to the decision to sew a box pleat midi skirt and tulip open back cropped top.


I found the fabric for the skirt at my local Salvos op-shop. I think it was a table cloth or bed spread/throw? It was a heavyweight white fabric with a raised woven design of flowers and leaves. (I don’t have a ‘before’ picture of the skirt fabric as I was in a hurry to finish the outfit) The top was made from double face satin from Spotlight in an ivory/pale pink shade. Continue reading “Two-piece ball dress: up-cycled midi skirt & cropped top.”


Oversized dress to a two piece outfit

Today I am sharing another upcycled sewing project! Again, apologies for the photo quality as this was another project that I made before this blog.

Size 16 dress before

This size 16 dress was bought from Salvos for less than $6. I liked the printed pattern and with it being a larger sized item of clothing, I had more fabric to work with.

When op-shopping I like to look through everything, even things not in my size. I look at the fabric quality and print when browsing. I try on all items that vaguely catch my eye because sometimes a piece that seems okay-ish on a hanger will look different when worn, and vice versa. This often means I have a huge pile of clothes to try on. And when trying things on, I can better visualise how I can alter or upcycle it.

It was only when I tried on this oversized dress did I get the idea to make it into a two piece cropped t-shirt and skirt.

How I did it: Continue reading “Oversized dress to a two piece outfit”

Men’s dress shirt to crop top.

Buying clothes from op-shops or thrift stores not only supports communities or charities by raising funds through selling second hand goods and clothing, but also has a positive environmental impact through recycling and by reducing waste. And of course, it is kinder to your wallet!

I do love a good op-shop browse and have tried my hand at upcycled fashion.

I followed a tutorial by Nicole from The Felted Fox which I had bookmarked for ages.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.01.24 pm
Nicole from The Felted Fox blog

She uses the fabric from a large or extra-large men’s dress shirt to make a convertible wrap crop top that can be worn in 3 different styles. I found a similar blue and white striped men’s shirt from my local Savlos for a few dollars. Continue reading “Men’s dress shirt to crop top.”