Sewing for travel: makeup bag and earphone case.

I recently went on a trip to Korea! It was my first time travelling there and thankfully I had my friend Rachel with me as a wonderful guide and translator. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I went to Dongdaemun Shopping Complex to buy fabric! The shopping complex is huge with 4 buildings of 6-7 storeys, full of wholesale fabrics and other sewing notions. I bought lots of fabric which you will see on this blog in posts to come!

But in the meantime this post is about some previous sewing projects of mine that I have found useful while travelling overseas.

First up is a makeup bag.


I received some fat quarters as a gift for Christmas in a selection of beautiful Indigenous prints. A fat quarter is fabric that comes pre-cut usually measuring 46×56 cm – 1/4 of a yard of fabric. Because of their size, they are good for small projects like purses, pencil cases, cushions or bags or can be sewn together to make a quilt.

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Upcycled convertible ball gown


After watching this video by April/Coolirpa (one of my sewing and upcycling idols), where April takes two dresses from the thrift store and converts them into a new formal ball gown, I was inspired to upcycle/sew my own ball gown for my annual dental student association Grand Dental Ball.

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Sewing with stripes – plantain top.

Wind in the hair action shot

My first time sewing with stretch jersey fabric! Also first time sewing with stripes…which was challenging when trying to get the stripes at the seams to match up. Continue reading “Sewing with stripes – plantain top.”

Milky way embroidered top.


This piece was made for my sister earlier this year. It is a sleeveless blouse in navy cotton fabric with a hand embroidered neckline. The pattern was based on some of her other blouses. Just a simple sleeveless top, fully lined with side bust darts. I didn’t take any photos of the full blouse unfortunately. Continue reading “Milky way embroidered top.”

Waver jacket

This was my biggest sewing project to date that I made back in April this year. A lined hooded jacket with button up closure and pockets! (I like pockets and reckon more items of clothing should have them)


The patten I used is Papercut Pattern’s Waver Jacket. I bought it as a PDF to download and assemble, but it is also available as a physical paper pattern on their site. It comes in a short and long hem variation and optional drawstring cord at the waist. I made the short version.

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Totoro amigurumi crochet.


This project is the first non-sewing one on this blog! A crocheted stuffed Totoro.

Amigurumi are crocheted or knitted stuffed toys. This art form originates from Japan. I have dabbled in crochet and am still learning. This was the second time I tried amigurimi. The first time I made a mini cupcake, so this project was a step up with many components.

Totoro is a character from Hayao Miyazaki’s animated film My Neighbour Totoro. I made this amigurumi version of him as a birthday gift for my friend who loves the film. Continue reading “Totoro amigurumi crochet.”

Oversized dress to a two piece outfit

Today I am sharing another upcycled sewing project! Again, apologies for the photo quality as this was another project that I made before this blog.

Size 16 dress before

This size 16 dress was bought from Salvos for less than $6. I liked the printed pattern and with it being a larger sized item of clothing, I had more fabric to work with.

When op-shopping I like to look through everything, even things not in my size. I look at the fabric quality and print when browsing. I try on all items that vaguely catch my eye because sometimes a piece that seems okay-ish on a hanger will look different when worn, and vice versa. This often means I have a huge pile of clothes to try on. And when trying things on, I can better visualise how I can alter or upcycle it.

It was only when I tried on this oversized dress did I get the idea to make it into a two piece cropped t-shirt and skirt.

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