Grandpa’s shirt

I bought some striped cotton blend fabric while in Malaysia last year with the intention of making a shirt for my grandpa. My grandma gave me an old shirt of his to replicate. I took it home to Australia with me and unpicked it. I had not made a men’s shirt before, so noted down how the garment was assembled as I dissembled it.

The dissembled shirt pieces became my pattern pieces. I added extra seam allowances to the sides and sleeves so I could do flat felled seams. The original shirt appeared to used fusible interfacing for the collar, collar stand and cuffs. I couldn’t find exactly what was used and went with the recommendation of a sales assistant at Spotlight. In the original shirt, the collar and collar stand used a double layer of interfacing, so I replicated it with the interfacing I bought. However, it resulted in a rippled texture in the fabric. So next time I will just use a thicker single layer of interfacing or maybe try exploring different types of interfacing available. If any of my followers have suggestions of what to use for the collar interfacing, please let me know! I had enough fabric to retry it with sew-in interfacing. See my note at the end of this post.



Pattern matching was another consideration when cutting and assembling the pieces. I think I did a pretty good job aligning the stripes, if I say so myself!


It’ll be brought to my grandpa in Malaysia with my aunty on her next trip. I hope he likes it!


I learnt a lot about the assembly of a shirt making this piece. Including to be careful not to make two right sleeves next time…
I’ve just bought a shirt pattern from Simplicity which I look forward to trying out soon!


Add on: After the photoshoot, I re-did the collar stand and collar with sew-in interfacing. Some tutorials I found used fabric adhesive to keep the sew-in interfacing in place. In retrospect, I think the original shirt used this technique, not fusible like I initially thought. I basted the interfacing in place and the top stitching kept it in place. The end result is smoother, but I think my first collar was more symmetrical in terms of the stripes. But that is due to either how I cut the fabric or sewed the pieces together. Overall, I am pleased with the results of my first shirt!

Double layer of fusible interfacing:

Single layer of sew-in interfacing: (sorry photo is a little out of focus)


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