Kaftan Pyjama Dress

I have just returned from a holiday trip to Malaysia to visit family. While in Malaysia my auntie and grandma took me to a local fabric store.  I probably didn’t need more fabric to add to my growing stash, but ended up buying 5 different fabrics with 5 future garments in mind. So look out for them on my blog!


While in Malaysia I also had the chance to try out my grandma’s antique Singer sewing machine! After Grandma showed me how to use it, I started on the first garment: kaftan pyjamas for my auntie, and completed it before flying back to Australia.


The fabric was a soft cotton with an embroidered floral motif. The kaftan pattern was based off an existing old kaftan pyjama dress my auntie had. Sewing it together was quite straight forward. Hems were completed first, then the side seams, then the neckline which was finished with a bias facing. The design includes leg slits on either side and ribbon tie at the front.


It was a lot of fun using Grandma’s antique Singer. Took a few attempts to get the right pedal rhythm and I somehow managed to jam up the machine with bobbin thread. Luckily my grandpa is good at fixing things and got the machine going again.

I think my auntie liked her new pyjamas a lot!


Bonus video of me sewing on Grandma’s Singer:

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Trying out Grandma's sewing machine. #pedalpower

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2 thoughts on “Kaftan Pyjama Dress

  1. Jessica says:

    Dear Joycelyn
    Yessss it’s so nice and beautiful
    Perfect fitting onto me
    I love it
    The cloth material, colour, fine workmanship by YOU. …..it’s great…..TQ😚

    Liked by 1 person

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