Handmade socks are the best socks

Something different to sewing this time: knitted socks!

DSC_0031 (1)

I came across Jennifer Kelley’s free sock pattern on ravelry. Socks were something I have wanted to learn how to knit for a while and this pattern was a great place to start. Her instructions are clear and the pattern is flexible to customise. It was my first time using circular needles too!


I followed the pattern to make a pair of socks for my boyfriend as an anniversary gift. Then I used the toe-up method I learned from Jennifer’s pattern to make another pair for my friend’s birthday and created my own cable knit pattern for the leg section.



I used 4 ply acrylic and acrylic-nylon blend yarn for durability. To estimate the size/length of the socks I used this guide. Using size 2.75mm (US 2, UK 12) circular needles, I increased from the toe up until a total of 60 stitches (Jennifer’s pattern asks for a total of 64 stitches but that ended up being too wide with my tension and I didn’t have smaller needles).

DSC_0025 (1)

If I were to make another pair for my boyfriend, I would make the leg length longer for a nicer proportion. But first I think I need to make a pair for myself!



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