Korea fabric haul part 2: a floral dress

This is the third creation made from fabric I bought in Korea last year. You can read about the first two projects here and my fourth project here.

DSC_1574 (1).jpg

This fabric is a light and flowing blended fabric which I chose with my mum in mind. The dress pattern (Simplicity K1418) I found for $1 in Ararat, Victoria when on a road trip with my friend from Melbourne to Adelaide! It comes with variations in the design of the bodice neckline, back details and sleeves. My mum chose the design with the plain back panel and short sleeves.

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 9.59.39 pm

The bodice consisted of 11 pieces including the facings! Probably the first time I have had so many components to sew together, but the pattern instructions were easy to follow. I reduced the flare of the skirt by taking in the side seams and also lined it.

DSC_1559 (1)

I found this fabric more delicate to work with than expected. In particular the side seams of the skirt would pucker slightly no matter what tension I used and even with a new needle. I was able to steam it out with an iron, but if anyone can suggest the reason for the puckering, please leave a comment!

DSC_1552 (1)

Due to my frustrations with the fabric, it took me a while to complete this dress and now it is Winter in Australia! I hope my mum likes her dress and gets to wear it more when the weather warms up.


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