Two-piece Dress – Graduation Outfit

I finished my dentistry degree in December last year and have now been working for 3 months. The ‘adult life’ of full time work means I haven’t had as much time for sewing, so it has been a bit quiet on this blog and my instagram. Also there’s the fact that I haven’t had much inspiration of what to sew… until now.

DSC_1189 (1)

The university I attended holds their graduation ceremonies in April/May of the following year, rather than December after exams. For a few months prior to the ceremony I had been thinking about whether I should sew something to wear, but did not have much inspiration. That was until about 1 week before my graduation date… I came across this dress on asos. With the knit fabric, sleeves and high neckline, it seemed like a dress suitable for the event and the cooler Autumn weather. Now that I had finally found inspiration, so began the countdown to finishing it in time. With only 9 days to make it from scratch, I worked on it before and after work each day.

DSC_1195  IMG_20170506_153205 (1)

Drafting the pattern and sewing up a toile took most of the time. I bought a textured red knit fabric from Darn Cheap Fabrics in Port Melbourne 4 days before D-day and completed the final outfit within 3 days! I’m very pleased with the outcome. This is probably my fourth time working with stretch/knit fabric and I think I am getting better at it.

DSC_1187 (1)

My graduation was on the weekend just past. It was so wonderful to see my friends again and celebrate our achievements together with our families. And a lot of fun to dress up in the gown and mortar board!



4 thoughts on “Two-piece Dress – Graduation Outfit

  1. Congratulations! (And welcome to working life fellow dentist! 😉). Your dress looks lovely! I made mine for my graduation too albeit several years ago. I think it makes the occasion even more special!! X

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