Peppermint Magazine’s Peplum Top


Peppermint Magazine’s Peplum Top by Emily from In the Folds is available for free download. The loose, flowing fit is lovely for warm Summer weather, which is when I made it, but I’m only getting around to writing about it now we’re into Autumn in Australia…

The fabric I used is from a fabric store in Malaysia and I believe it is a polyester blend of some sort.


The patten features shoulder panels which could look nice in a contrasting colour or pattern. But in this case, as it is quite a busy pattern, I just used the same fabric for all of it.


It came together easily and I used French seams for all of the seams. As for styling this top, it goes well with long, fitted pants, but with shorts makes me feel like I look a bit stumpy and emphasises my short stature. If I were to make this again, I think it would look very nice in a plain linen and I might reduce the amount of ruffles and maybe dropping the waistline would enable it to be styled better with shorts.


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