Upcycled back button blouse


My sister bought the blouse on the left above from a retro warehouse sale of second hand clothing. She didn’t try it on at the time. When trying it on later, she found that the fit was unusual and generally unflattering so didn’t end up wearing it much at all. It sat in her wardrobe for a while until I saw it. I liked the fabric print and saw the potential for an upcycling project.

As you may see from the above before picture, the odd fit of the blouse is partly due to the darts as well as the baggy sleeve design.

First, I removed all the darts and ironed out the creases. At this point I tried it on again and decided I wanted to have the buttons on the back. I lay the blouse flat and placed an existing top of mine over it to replicate the round neckline by cutting off the collar. I finished off the neckline with a rolled hem. Next I cut off the baggy sleeves and used the fabric cut off to make cap sleeves. I maintained the existing sleeve hem and sewed the cap sleeves on as well as bringing in the side seams to fit me better.


The end result is a loose fitting blouse that is much more flattering than the original design!



7 thoughts on “Upcycled back button blouse

    1. Thanks for coming by my blog! Upcycled is when you make something new out of something old. Also called recycled fashion or refashioned clothing. But things other than clothes can be upcyled too. Such as scrap metal being made into furniture or pieces of art.

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  1. This turned out to be gorgeous! I’ve wanted to upcycle myself a button up shirt like this for a while – turning the buttons round to the back. For fit, do you know if there are any tips to ensure that the project will work for a woman with larger bust? I also noticed you didn’t have to much around with the sleeves at all while some other tutorials suggest realigning the sleeves to ensure that they sit properly once you’ve turned the shirt around. Any ideas ?

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    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting my blog! Perhaps some side darts would help with fitting the bust better? As for the sleeves, part of the reason why they are only cap sleeves is due to how much fabric I had left. I’d suggest working with an oversized shirt rather than a fitted one, so you have more fabric to work with and you can adjust the armhole curves and sleeves. Replicating the shape of a shirt that fits you well is helpful too. 🙂

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