Korea fabric haul part 1: a tie and a top

When I went to Korea in September last year I bought fabric from the Dongdaemun Shopping Complex. I bought a couple of meters of various polyblend fabrics (in 4 different prints) and a couple of meters of navy blue hanbok silk.

I have not yet used all of the fabric I bought, but do have plans in the works. So far, I have completed two projects!


First up, I made a tie for my dad’s birthday present using the hanbok silk. This was my second time sewing a tie. Last time I made a skinny tie, but this time I made a regular tie. Both style of tie will use the same pattern, but when you get to the final stage of folding the sides to the centre, for a regular tie you do not need to fold it in as much as for a skinny tie.


I found the silk fabric challenging to fold and press as it was so slippery. But it was still a very quick make and came together in a day!

The second make is another Tate Top! This time it was as a gift to my friend Rachel. She took me around sightseeing in Korea and was so much fun to travel with that I wanted to sew her something to say thank you.


The Tate Top pattern is available for free download from Workroom Social. I had the size 4 pattern handy as I have previously made the Tate Top for myself. I altered the size 4 pattern bringing the neckline down, the side seams in, and the hemline up.


Rachel was kind enough to send me some photos of her wearing the top!


I look forward to creating more projects with my remaining stash of fabric from Korea!

You can read part 2 and part 3 on my blog.


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