Men’s dress shirt to crop top.

Buying clothes from op-shops or thrift stores not only supports communities or charities by raising funds through selling second hand goods and clothing, but also has a positive environmental impact through recycling and by reducing waste. And of course, it is kinder to your wallet!

I do love a good op-shop browse and have tried my hand at upcycled fashion.

I followed a tutorial by Nicole from The Felted Fox which I had bookmarked for ages.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 11.01.24 pm
Nicole from The Felted Fox blog

She uses the fabric from a large or extra-large men’s dress shirt to make a convertible wrap crop top that can be worn in 3 different styles. I found a similar blue and white striped men’s shirt from my local Savlos for a few dollars.

The shirt before

Nicole provides a printable pattern for US size 2-4 (Australian size 8). I am an Australian size 8/10, so I attempted to upsize the pattern at the shoulders and torso width by a few centimetres. I forgot to adjust the wrap parts of the pattern, so the seams did not quite match up, but it ended up being a good fit and the slightly unmatched seams can be covered up when I wrap and tie it up.

The neckline and arm holes are finished with bias binding. It took me only a day to complete and I am happy with the result. This pattern pretty much uses up the whole shirt and I removed the buttons to keep for future projects.

The completed crop top

It goes well with high waisted shorts or skirts. In the photo on the left I am wearing it with a high-waisted velvet skirt which I made from thrifted fabric I found in an op-shop in Melbourne earlier this year.

Apologies for the questionable photo quality. I didn’t take any progress shots as I made it before I thought of writing this blog! But photos and step-by-step explanations are provided in the original post by Nicole as well as 2 other styles to wear the top.

Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Men’s dress shirt to crop top.

  1. Ellen van Zelst says:

    Looks great! Can you tell me exactly how you enlarged the pattern? I want to make this for my daughter. Her bust measurment is 92 cm. Thanks in advance!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ellen 🙂 I think I extended the shoulder and side seams by a few cm. Don’t forget to adjust the wrap side seam accordingly too, which I forgot to do. I may have used an existing top to guide how much to increase by. Good luck!


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