Elliot Top | Pattern Review

This was my last garment I made in 2021! It’s the Elliot Top – a free pattern from Cool Stitches.
The Elliot Top is a tie front blouse with a deep v neckline and puffy short sleeves gathered with elastic a the cuff.

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Free Sewing Pattern | Pippa Pot Pinchers

There’s a little story behind this Pippa Pot Pinchers pattern. I originally created these pot pinchers for a birthday present for my friend. She had a set that were so well loved, they were no longer useable. So I made her a new pair as a surprise. She told me she hasn’t burnt a tea towel since!

The name of the pattern was inspired by my friend who I made these for. The name Pippa is a special name to her so I thought it was perfect to use it for my pattern: the Pippa Pot Pinchers!

I enjoyed the process of creating this pattern and wanted to share it for others to make. Many tutorials for similar pot pinchers or oven mitts use bias binding to enclose the raw edges. But personally I try to avoid bias bound edges where I can. Whenever I use it, I can’t get neat top stitching on both sides of the bias binding. So I created this pattern that uses no bias binding at all!!!

I want to dedicate this pattern to my friend E and Pippa.

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Paola Workwear Jacket – Fabrics Store | Pattern review

This casual jacket was finished in late May – just in time for me to wear it out to my birthday dinner with my friends… but a sudden lockdown in Melbourne ended those plans quick smart. *sigh*

Since finishing this jacket, I’ve only worn it twice. Once to the grocery shop and the other on a walk around the neighbourhood. Because of continued lockdown restrictions, it has been sadly sitting in my closet looking pretty with no where nice to go.

Anyway, enough about my woes in lockdown. You’re probably here to read my notes on making this jacket.

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Upcycled Dawn Jeans | Pattern review

I made jeans! They’re upcycled from a thrifted pair of men’s jeans. It was easier than I thought it would be! I bought the jeans in January 2020 and the pattern in November, but felt too intimidated to start sewing it. I don’t know why I felt intimidated about the thought of making jeans as I have made plenty of pants before and sewn a zip fly. This is my first pair of jeans but certainly not my last!

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Peppermint Robe Jacket by Common Stitch

My sewing blogging may be irregular, but I can assure you my sewing is not! I have been busily sewing but just haven’t found the time to post up details and photos of all my makes. I made this Robe Jacket over a weekend in late February so was able to enjoy wearing it while the weather was warmer in Melbourne. Now it’s getting too cold for a light linen jacket!

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Mid-century modern armchair reupholstery project

I love a good hard rubbish find and I’d have to say this armchair is one of my best finds to date. The other one was a vintage Bernina sewing machine!!

I found this armchair on nature strip in January last year and saw the potential underneath the scratched, watermarked timber frame and saggy, stained corduroy cushions. This was my first upholstery project and I was learning along the way. I’m generally pleased with the final result, but can see my mistakes and things I can improve on next time.

Although I found this in January, I didn’t start working on it until November. In Melbourne we were in lockdown for most of the year so I didn’t get all the supplies until later in the year. The armchair needed new foam and fabric for the cushion covers and the frame needed to be sanded back and stained. Also, I kept track of the costs to update this armchair which I’ve listed at the end of this post for anyone interested.

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Loungewear pants | Peppermint Magazine | Pattern review

It has been a fair while between blog posts on here! But I have not stopped sewing and crafting. During the last 4-5 months I was actually spending most of my time knitting my first jumper! I made a post about it on my Instagram. The knitting consumed all my creative time, but when it was done I was so proud of it (and still am) and then I got back on my sewing machine.

Using the free pattern from Peppermint Magazine designed in collaboration with Common Stitch, I made their loungewear pants. I sewed a size C with no modifications other than lengthening the hem a few centimetres.

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Cross back apron & Bombazine Mitt | Free pattern review


Coming to you today with not one, but two free patterns!!

Yes, I am one of those people who decided to try making bread during lock down… And after burning my fingers a couple of times and getting my clothes covered in flour, I realised I probably needed some oven mitts and an apron in the kitchen.

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